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MRA Joins CAL's Open Letter on Central Romana Corporation Exploitation of Ethnic Haitian Sugarcane Workers

CAL Joins 35 Organizations Signing Open Letter to CBP Highlighting Central Romana's Failure to Remediate Forced Labor 

Support Our Current Mission in the Dominican Republic! 

News & Updates


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In many minority communities, people are deprived of liberty, equality and justice, are criminalized and victimized, unlawfully incarcerated and denied full residency and citizenship rights by official and non-official action. 

​Our mission is to be the voice of the voiceless and hope for those abandoned, abused and exploited both in the United Stated and internationally. MRA advocates on behalf of those who cannot advocate for themselves. 

National Front (USA)

  • Protecting & Defending Black Voter Rights

  • Police Brutality Victims Litigation Support

  • Minority Communities Self-Government Rights

  • Undocumented/ Out of Status Migrant Support

  • Migrant Deportation Hearings Support

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International Front

  • Black Migrants Human Rights Abuse

  • Black Communities Civil Rights

  • Labor Exploitation of Black Communities

Support our service programs and become a Welfare Sponsor 

Current Pursuits 

  • Jackson, Mississippi Black Citizens Disenfranchisement

  • Structural Racism affecting Black Opportunities

  • Civil Rights & Human Rights Abuse in Latin America

  • Labor Exploitation of Black Communities in Latin America

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News, Updates, & Recent Success

  • Conducting Police Brutality against Black Residents & Visitors in the Dominican Republic.

  • "Countering the Fatal Encounters: Diversity Training for Dominican Republic National Police"

  • Resettlement Assistance to ethnic Haitian deportees from the Dominican Republic.

  • Resettlement Assistance for Haitian beneficiaries of US Sponsorship Program.

  • Combatting  States Disenfranchisement of Black & Brown Residents in the U.S.   

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